Ok you won a world cup but you still lost two world wars so chill

yo tumblr user boy48 i think u need to chill that was literally 69 years ago and the death of 97,000,000 people does not equate to winning a rly gr9 world cup like woah one guy who wasn’t even orginally german lost two world wars not the german football team


one thing I will never understand is how normal people are unaffected by movies or books I mean when they watch a movie or finish a book they say “well that was a good movie/book” and they move on while I have an existentional crisis and question the whole universe 




Little white flowers tucked away.



*Disclaimer: The following post may upset some of those who ship the pairing of Chuck and Blair. I ask that if you are not going to maturely respond, either positive or negative, that you just not even read.*

Let me start off by saying that I love Gossip Girl. It has easily become one of my…

Here are the most glaring problems with this analysis:

1. The awful things that Chuck did were meant to be exactly that. You’re not going to find anyone, Chair shipper or not, claiming that his actions in either 3x17 or 4x20 were anything but reprehensible. His entire character arc, particularly with respect to Blair, was about atoning for his sin and growing up- growing into a man who wouldn’t repeat those mistakes. The show actually took pains to put him in similar situations in S5/S6, for the sole purpose of showing that he would react differently. Which is presumably why your “analysis” came to a screeching halt at the end of S4. 

2. “With him, she reverts back to scheming.” This quote was what actually made me respond to your post, because it’s flat-out wrong. Scheming has been one of Blair’s main character traits since the beginning of the series (you even mention it yourself earlier in this post). She schemed when she was with Nate, Louis, and Dan. She certainly did when she was single. And you call it “reverting”, which doesn’t make any sense because she’s never been anything *but* a schemer- it’s just part of who she is. Blaming that on Chuck- or even considering it something worthy of blame at all- just shows that you simply don’t like or understand her character. 

3. “Lets him dictate how she should live her life.” When and how has Chuck ever done this? Aside from pursuing her romantically, what about her life has he ever tried to “dictate”? Because the show has actually portrayed him as very supportive of her endeavors. Hell, he was even respectful of her decision to be with someone other than him (“I just wanted you to be free, whom you choose to love with that freedom is up to you”), so it’s kind of baffling how you got “dictatorial” out of that. 

So anyway, you’re obviously welcome to your opinion, I just figured I’d tell you why it’s wrong :P