Anonymous asked: the reason why i don't ship chuck and blair is because of what happened in 4.20. chuck wasn't trying to hit blair, but he punched the glass right above her head, trying to intimidate her in a fit of uncontrollable rage. he could have kicked the wall or punched his stomach but he hit the glass the intimidate blair. her cheek was cut open, she writhed in pain and desperately ran for her life.

Seriously, why do you come to my blog to tell me this? Did I asked for it? Do you think I care about it? No I don’t. I got my perfect OTP, which is now healthy, married and they have a beautiful son. End of story. Now would you please stop being a drama queen and get over it? Thanks. Have a nice day.

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This is all very subjective and I can see why most of the people I follow on tumblr and the stories I have been reading all state that Lisbon has been in love with Jane for over a decade and now has decided to move on because he hasn’t made a move, etc.

But, as much as I ship those two, I really feel differently about this. From my perspective Lisbon, over the years, never thought herself in love with Jane. Wait, don’t throw tomatoes yet and hear me out!

I think in the first few years she saw him as part of her family, one of her own that she needed to protect (even from himself). Of course she was also attracted to him but I don’t think she ever considered him dating material, so she most likely pushed those thoughts out of her mind early on (even before the pilot). She’d let herself be seduced sometimes, but she thought it was all fun banter and not much else.

Also, the Lisbon that was introduced in the first seasons was pretty much married to her job and relationships (romantic or not) were not her main focus. In season 4, we learn that she did have a serious relationship in the past and wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment at that time, that she dated occasionally (so she wasn’t exactly holding on for Jane back then) and that she’s too intense and particular for most guys. We are told that whatever happens off camera, it never lasts long.

I think the idea of romantic love only crept into her mind when Jane faked shot her in 4x24 and it started to take shape over season 5. During that time, while Jane was locked up in his attic, she started to process that Jane had slept with Lorelei, helped her escape prison and then tried to partner with her in order to get to Red John and what it all meant to her. And by 5x22, I think she was coming to terms that she did love him as more than a friend and she was having trouble working like that. She did try to talk to Jane about it, but he cut her off and didn’t allow her to express her feelings. At that point, I think Lisbon interpreted this as a signal that he knew what she was going to say and didn’t want to hear it. 

By the time he left her on the beach in season 6, she probably thought he knew how she felt and went as far as using her feelings to his advantage. (We know this isn’t the whole truth, but she doesn’t.) So yeah, I think Lisbon believed / still believes that Jane just never saw her in a romantic way.

I imagine that she spent two years wondering how she was able to work with a guy like him and how much he influenced her career / life, even after he was gone. In all that spare time by the fireplace, I think that she came to the conclusion that he would remain where he was and that she needed to rebuild her personal life without him. To move on. Even find someone to share her life with.

When Jane does come back, she feels he’s back to his old ways and she rebels against it. Sure, she accepts the job, but I think she doesn’t want to give him that much power over her again. And she feels validated in her choice, because he doesn’t show any signs that he’s moved on. He’s still secretive and controlling and still leaving her behind whenever he likes. More than ever, she needs to get him out of her system and find someone different.

So when she meets Pike, I think she genuinely likes him. No games, no secrets, he’s pretty straightforward, reliable and honest about his intentions and she finds that refreshing. So dating him isn’t a way to wake up Jane or whatever. This isn’t about Jane, it’s about her and her need to carry on with her life. Rebuild something different with someone else.

We can see she is trying to push down any romantic feelings she has for Jane and do the right thing for her, for once. In 6x17, she avoided exposing herself to Jane because she always expects him to tease her. (It’s pretty uncomfortable when the person you love can read you like a book and can make fun of your romantic life.) But at the end of the episode, when she sees he’s genuinely sad and not in the mood to make fun of her, she feels bad and pretty much hopeless about the whole thing.

She doesn’t know she is the only one who can change how he’s feeling and she assumes he’s just lonely without his best pal (well, he never gave her any indication otherwise). That’s why I believe she will continue to date Pike. Not to force Jane into anything or make him jealous. She simply doesn’t know he loves her back and she just wants to rebuild her life the best way she can.

Phew.. this was way too long. I’m sorry about that. If you’re still reading, please have a cookie! :)


Don and Peggy define themselves through their work all too often, and if that work is taken away from them or eroded of meaning, they’re stuck in a world where all they can think about is how little meaning life has outside of the meaning you construct for yourself. But even that meaning collapses in the face of despair or sorrow or death. Without work to give them meaning, without each other to bounce off of, what do Don and Peggy have left? Only the knowledge that they, too, will die, and that much of their lives have been hollow attempts to fill that void. 

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Facebook vs Tumblr - Hannibal Edition


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Someone sends you a dirty message on Facebook:


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